A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the The Icehouse Jam 2019
Jam theme: Myths and Legends

Game Description:

A first-person adventure, inspired by games like Myst and Riven.
You are lost in a foreign world, far away from home and secluded in isolation from all civilisation. Uncover the myths and legends surrounding the Old Painters and solve puzzles to try and find your way home.

NOTE: At the moment the game is just a demo version, but updates with new areas and puzzles are in development.


W, S, A & D or the Arrow Keys to move.
Mouse to look around.
Left Click to interact.
Middle mouse button to zoom.
Hold Shift to run while moving.

Made using assets from:
Unreal Engine Marketplace
Production Crate
Quixel Megascans
Game Textures

Install instructions

Right click on the downloaded file: seclusion-win.zip

Select "extract all" from the list. When the file has been extracted, open it and run the file Seclusion.exe


Seclusion - Win 32 4 GB
Version 1 5 days ago


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Thanks for the playthrough! I hope you have fun with the rest of the game!


CP-Dimensions... your game... wow. Jaw-dropping ambition and quality for a three-week project! I'm impressed! I was in the Icehouse Jam too but realized near the end that my submission wouldn't be even close to ready in time, but you - your project has more scope than mine did AND you somehow completed it in time! I suspect you may well win top prize on this BTW, and it'd be well deserved. Fantastic work!

-Matthew L. Hornbostel [https://matthornb.itch.io]

Thanks so much! I hope you continue to make your project as well.